In recent years, Corrina has been opening new portals with her clients, enhanced by Crystal Light fusion 'Theragem'; 


Theragem​™ is essentially  a direct recalibration (an even better version of You is waiting to step up!).
It works within the 600-900 nanometre (nm) range. 670 nm is known as the ​'Wellness Zone' because of the way it harmonizes with the body’s natural frequencies, restoring it back to health.

Fusion technology – blending it all together:

Therapies of light, crystalline energy and color, work by positively affecting the electromagnetic state in the human energy system. 


It is understood today that, for any chemical action to take place within that system, a change in the electromagnetic energy of the body must occur first. You can do this of course with practice, withfocused intent and/or meditation. Theragem just serves to throw open those doors, jumping you without ado to the wave-form brain frequencies conducive to deep inisghts, to seeing and finding solutions/new perspectives. Everything has ever been Within You/Us.