​​How it works

Initial consultation; phone/email {written deposition} and/or in-person meet.

Gestation after personal imprint received, often around 3 days/nights; allow 3 weeks, though oftentimes completion is swifter.
In-process there may be a second subject-specific request (we are seeking specific detail on some aspect)

Distilling/recording voice, melody/lyrics, references delivery/dispatch {soundcloud.com 'first rendering' recording/lyrics/references via email}; first rendering means that I have begun to 'sing it over', from whence you take it and fully 'sing it in'/claim it. 
Note Voice recording sometimes accompanied by heart-drum but more often Voice alone.

While the process is not formulaic, there is generally a numinous night waking (in those renowned 'wee hours!), an internal-to-external experience of subject matter coalescing, and a 4-6 hour focused session to bring in the manifested song for dispatch; Soul songs, very often, have a way of 'downloading;' lyrical melody and verse.. verbatim, true to the simple adage 'Ask And It Is Given'. Other times, the melody arrives first, or a line, or verse, to which all else is drawn.... Either way, expect a coming to FRUITION - The condition of bearing fruit.

So, gestation/distillation; in any case, the Ask, or Request activates a potential; seed-to-bud-to-blossom-to-fruit; your tree, your fruit.