The Marriage Basket

A marriage basket is woven with many strands
It takes a thousand hearts and twice as many hands
No two people come together by their strength alone
No one arrives but has been softly shown
This is of love and this is not
And these the precious gifts you've got
And this the candle held to light your way
And the only place to be is Here..Today
Through every act of love these gifts are shared
by all of us and anyone who ever dared
to speak and act and live from their heart place
imbuing their divinity with natural grace.

Through each other's eyes touch and be touched
May each full turning of the annual round be such
That you break free of all that does not serve
that love floods every cell, sinew and nerve

'Scaffolding' by Seamus Heaney

"Now there's a lad entering the state of matrimony with a great ebullience!"

For everything to which you both aspire
all high and holy dreams deep heart's desire
All these and more come not by chance
but only as you dare to dance the spiral dance
We carve anew the tenets of a spouse to spouse
sweet holy matrimony born into the house
where all of who we are is welcomed in
Where gender meet heart body mind & soul...& skin...

This Being stand before you now
bless this the one who led you to your marriage vow
bless this the one you 'spied, this one you found
beauty beheld beauty and was spellbound
In heavy density we all do tread
in body gravity, betimes with feet of lead
and yet you may tread lightly by the love you weave
levity is summoned when you dare to breathe...

Breathe… in-hale
breathe deep soul freedom mirror dance..ex-hale
heart as transformer has the power to break
all habits we would leave for dear life's sake.
Love, Corrina Cop Rain
(the elf)