I Minister Unto you

"I minister unto you and hold a mantle And when you dream right into this, I light a candle since any rite of passage is a life-size Graduation we feel the focused Passage of your Dream through to elation 'Sensitive Chaos'* is Water in its essence forging Pathways, sparkling effervescence and since you are a Water Baby, by form and very sustenance We Raise a Glass to You; Well-Water-Wishing Resonance" Water speaks to us wherever we are found {beauty beheld beauty and was spellbound} Water blessed Water will ever wend its way and roam And Here is where we find ourselves ~fluid flowing~ Home Sweet Home *~* *'Sensitive Chaos'; Viktor Schauberger, referring to the innate nature of water , forging anything but straight paths, as it curls and swirls and whirls in on itself in every natural waterway from spring to stream to river to sea.

#video #flow #water #sacred

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