Wedding Ceremony As Touchstone for Life: this is 'bespoke'

Once Upon A Time when a couple were to be Wed, they were prepared for what was expected OF THEM; these are the parameters, this is how it's done, these are the words you both will speak.... SPEAK THESE WORDS...

Fast forward to New Paradigm emergence; there is no blueprint for your marriage; you are creating future potentialities in the thrill of your new Love. Then it behooves you to let the energy generated by the two of you together inform your Wedding Ceremony document and Vows. There are 1,013,913 words in the English language (& counting!), so let your Love Story take wing in the words that are woven and will be spoken, on your behalf and by you, on your Wedding Day;

"You two carve anew the tenets of Matrimony"



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