Ancient Singing Bowls in Ceremony

Yes!; We have employed these bowls in countless ways. Each bowl is profoundly ceremonial and every bowl is different. They lend themselves to Wakes and Weddings, inviting stillpoint, quietude and quiescence. Many times newcomers will pick up on the reality that these bowls have a palpable presence even before being sounded. Whether one bowl with its inherent harmonics, or a set of bowls chosen for their exquisite compatibility, the experience is essentially a wholly welcome resonant sound washing through this cellular body, To stand still through the sustained harmonics of these hand-hammered ancient bowls is to literally re-calibrate.

Sound Bath

"One modality I see in the UK sometimes is the “sound bath”. Here you use big or heavy singing bowls set around a person or a group of people. Jambatis are great for sound baths as are any bowl that can hold tones for a long time. When it comes to sound baths my experience is the more singing bowls the better.

I’ve had the pleasure of stepping into a tent at a festival in the English countryside to be greeted by a set of large jambati singing bowls arrayed just so I could lie down among them. A sound bath is just like you would imagine, an encompassing experience. The best sound bath I ever had was in the temple of Damanhur in Northern Italy. We lay on the floor in a subterranean chamber with a 40 foot ceiling while bowls and massive gongs were being rung. Wow!"

Best Singing Bowls

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