Guest At the Mouth of the Womb

Summer Solstice Birth Announcement: "It's a Joy!":

'Guest At the Mouth of the Womb: A fibroid fable'

A Book for Women & Men & Womyn of all genders​

Now available in paperback & kindle online

Paperback featured in Bookshop Santa Cruz!

"This is an amazing book of self-empowerment and defining personal health. It is poetic, scientific, realistic, and ultimately elevating. I recommend it anyone who has looked their health and mortality in the eye. This book encourages the strength to go with healthy choices allowing that healthy energy to flow through all possible outcomes." BEE

A 'benign tumor' for which the medical establishment fix is to cut out the entire womb. But there is another path... And we take it. Guest At the Mouth of the Womb addresses the fundamental question: why would a body grow something that is harmless but useless, and begins with the premise that so-called fibroids are neither harmless nor useless. Today these tumors in the uterus rank as the number one reason for hysterectomy in the USA and the UK, though categorized as "benign." An abnormal growth that leads to the loss of womb is not benign. "Fibroids", as they are called today, are identified in a Chinese scroll dated 100 BC specifically: “Cold Qi is a guest at the mouth of the womb." Cold Qi ('chee') is stagnant frozen energy which is, by nature, less than positive. But these growths embody a story that needs to be heard and told so that they do not come in vain. To engage with their presence as a 'guest' then is inspired. Since the least helpful thing we can bring to any bodily condition is a contracted fear state (at what will happen), we make a decision to bring a curious spirit of inquiry. And the grand journey begins…​

"Corrina shares knowledge and beauty pulled through with grace and joy. She is skilled. She is willing. And she always always always tells the truth." Emily Reilly

"Corrina is a midwife of life, practical and mystical simultaneously, imbuing the ordinary with sanctity and wonder, connecting us all to the miracle that is our life." Rivera Sun Cook

Publisher: CreateSpace Pub. Date: June 19, 2015 Page count: 230 Price: $14.95

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