Sourcing a spirit song

Every spirit song (that ever ushered forth) has surprising, sometimes astonishing information therein.

The source and the information is utterly trustworthy and recognized as true. It allows a settling-in, a calm, and an assured confidence. It is pulling from what James Hillman calls The Soul's Code.

"Consider; 'your word is your wand'* and indeed;
That our words may be crafted as 'spells'**;

That the heart of the matter is there to be tapped,
drawn up from our deep wishing wells.."

Soul songs have an essence about them, rather elfin, fresh to the realm, frequently delightful, and often bring with them a sigh of relief; over and over; not to worry ~ all is well.

Personal spirit songs are not just the domain of children.
David Whyte, precious Irish/Yorkshire, American residing poet, has said quite rightly that we need to make sure we are bringing every age of ourselves along with us. That is to say; we wholly need the boy or girl that we once were; we need them along with us for the Journey and the duration. Every adult has a soul song, no less than a child.

**Re 'spells' & 'words as wands'
Do you see that spell words and spell... magic is the same word... That is why, back in the 1920's, Florence Shinn gave her book the title 'Your Word Is Your Wand'; every word we utter forth has the power indeed/in matter, to shape-shift our World. ​Then let us Play/Pray/Say what truly delights Us!​​​​​​​​​​​

"Do you see that spell.. 'words' and spell... 'magic' is the same word..."