Since 1991, Corrina has worked with couples to bring forth the Ceremony faithful to the essence of the Union. Love is playful, funny, wild and brilliant. Your word is your wand; capture the essence, seize the day...

Wedding planning begins here​...

From grandeur to simplicity, from mountaintop, beach, lighthouse and forest weddings, to castle, vineyard, steam train, kayaks(!); there is no comparing one to another, for each is shaped by what a couple is 'seeing' as truly representing Who They Are. This is my joy, to usher forth that which has never been seen before.

​"You two carve anew the tenets of matrimony"

Here we stand, on the leading edge; standing at a place we have never stood before.
A Marriage is taking place; A Mutual Arriving. The Wedding then is a public declaration that something of magnitude and grace has occurred..., is occurring, ongoing, Here, Now..., in the lives of two people, each to the other. The Wedding Ceremony brings to the light of day a heretofore essentially unseen Event. It serves as a touchstone into the future. Here words are called forth that more often reside unspoken in the heart.  Corrina helps couples choose and/or wordcraft the Ceremony to reflect the nature of this Union.

Your Wedding ceremony document helps to anchor in
Your wishes and desires for your Day
And helps you as well to distill what really matters to you both.
Focus on it early in your wedding planning process
And you will find it serves as a touchstone...

For your lives, yes! But also
for what is important to you to emphasize
on this Your Wedding Day.


Levels of complexity & location

determine fee..

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you.. it was days afterward that I realized that your presence was as strong and calm as it was..  Even now I find it a challenge to accurately communicate how happy I am that you were there.  Your participation in Our Day was perfect.

Thank you." Tim A.

"Any couple would be incredibly fortunate to have Corrina McFarlane as a guide and tender officiant as they step through the beautiful and powerful gateway of marriage. She was deeply listening, heartful and wise mentor as we prepared for our wedding.


She flew to Italy to perform our Ceremony and was helpful and attentive to details, patient and sensitive to our individual needs in all aspects of our experience.
As a wedding officiant and minister myself,
I cannot recommend Corrina enough, as an experienced spiritual guide, articulate ceremonial leader, and joyful co-conspirator. She is the real deal!"

Rev Anglea Blessing